IoT Lab Association

The IoT Lab association has been established as a nonprofit organization by partners of the IoT Lab European Research project consortium in order to ensure the sustainability and future evolution of the IoT Lab platform. The organization is fully independent from any political or religious affiliation.


The IoT Lab Association aims at:

  • Supporting the maintenance, the sustainability and the development of the IoT Lab platform of Testbed as a Service
  • Pursuing, supporting and taking part in research and development activities;
  • Mutualizing the costs and maintenance effort of a common infrastructure shared by the members of the association;
  • Promoting the use of the testbeds and expertise of its members;


IoT Lab intends to ensure an autonomous, self-sustainable and long-term development of the IoT Lab platform in order to provide services and applications based on IoT and crowdsourcing, as well as to better exploit the participating IoT testbeds of its members through the IoT Lab testbed as a service.


  • Promote IoT Lab platform visibility
  • Implement the sustainability model recognized by the IoT Lab project
  • Support IoT lab platform outreach and visibility

If you wish to support IoT Lab platform financially, you can donate money to IoT Lab association.


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