About crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing-driven research

IoT lab intends to explore "Crowdsourcing-driven research" as a new model in which the research can be initiated, guided and assessed by the crowd. It will compare it to other models. In this model, the crowd is invited to:

- Submit research topics
- Assess and rank proposed research topics
- Test and assess research results
- Propose adaptations and improvements

Crowdsourcing is paving the way to new forms of experimentations in the area of the Internet of Things. It extends existing IoT testbed to third parties resources, but more importantly enables the testbeds to leak into the real world and to have more direct interactions with end-users.

IoT Lab crowd-sourcing

Crowdsource the future – find out some existing examples to get inspired!

Example 1

Title: Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT)

Key focus

‘A marketplace for work’, The AMT give businesses and developers access to an on-demand workforce. Workers select from a thousand of tasks and work whenever it´s convenient.

Short description:

AMT is an online crowdsourcing system which distributes tasks to a large number of anonymous workers. It began as an in-house service to support business processes, outsourcing piecemeal tasks to contractors that required them to identify duplicate product web pages.

Example 2

Title: The SMART Project – an e-service for e-participation

Key focus

“Crowdsourcing to develop a ‘reaction media’ platform to support crowdsourced societal improvements by easier interaction between citizens and public authorities”

Short description:

The background to the SMART project was a general feeling that citizens lack opportunities to communicate easily with public authorities. This results in few citizen-driven suggestions and opinions for how the municipality should develop. To facilitate active participation among citizens, the SMART-project aimed to develop IT services that increased citizens’ abilities to influence and improve the society.

Example 3

Title: The Innovation World

Key focus

An on-line innovation community for mobile service design, testing and pre-market launch.

Short description:

Innovation World was an on-line user community place that was launched in 2008 by TeliaSonera – a Nordic teleoperator.The aim of Innovation World was to get insights into users’ needs and to turn their needs into fully functioning and desired services.


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