IoT Lab in a nutshell

IoT Lab is a European Research project which aims at researching the potential of crowdsourcing and the Internet of things for multidisciplinary research and experiments with more end-user interactions. IoT Lab is offering a platform bringing together citizens, end-users and researchers to work together and to address real challenges by combining the research community and the wisdom of the crowd.

Privacy-friendly crowdsourcing & crowdsensing

The IoT Lab smartphone application enables participants to join our community with the possibility to suggest, initiate and participate in research projects. It enables participants to accept privacy-friendly interactions with researchers, including crowdsensing on a voluntary basis and with a very strong personal data protection. This enables end-users to be at the core of the research cycle in order to better align the research with the real end-users needs and requirements. It is free, user-friendly and open to everybody.
Join the wisdom of the crowd

IoT Lab

Testbed as a service

IoT Lab also provides a Testbed as a Service for the researchers. It combines into a common platform the crowdsourcing tools together with several testbeds on the Internet of Things. It provides a unique tool to ease all kinds of multidisciplinary research and experiments. It also facilitates reporting and sharing the most relevant results of the different research activities with the participants.
Lead a research

IoT Lab

Our vision

Extend existing testbeds through crowdsourcing for richer and more distributed experiments;
Bring the researcher and the end-user together, with pervasive and ubiquitous experiments and closer interactions with the society;
Support multidisciplinary experiments;
Increase test bed sustainability;
Explore crowd-driven research;
Provide a testbed as a service IoT Lab

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