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Waste Management

Smart city initiative optimum root management for collection of dust bins in city that are almost full

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Transport Sharing During The ICT2015 event

The research would consist in knowing the users locations by knowing their GPS coordinates and ask the users about their accommodation and transportation mode. the research would then optimise and suggest participants of the event to share transportation mode and therefore reduce traffic and pollution measures.

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Blockchain Based IoT framework

A framework which will interconnect with home netwok and global network blockchain based

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Salle 503 - Temperature - Groupe D

Eteindre et allumer le chauffage en fonction de la temperature de la salle. De plus, on reduit la temperature quand on capte pas de mouvement dans la salle (Nuit/weekend/vacances)

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Idee 2 Groupe A

regulation du chauffage baisser legerement le chauffage si aucune presence detecte baisser de quelque degre. baisser temperature pendant la nuit

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